Name: Nightmare

  Real Name: Unrevealed, perhaps inapplicable.

  Aliases: None known

  Identity: The general populace of Earth is unaware of Nightmare's existance.

  Place of birth: Unrevealed, perhaps inapplicable.

  Legal status: None

  Marital Status: None

  Known relatives: Daughter, The Dreamqueen

  Group affiliation: None

  Base of operations: The Nightmare World within the Dream Dimension.

  Known Allies: None known

  Known enemies: Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, Venom, Doctor Strange, Wolverine, Gulgol  and The Hulk to name a few.
Physical Information
Statistics and Description
  Height: Variable

  Weight: Unknown

  Hair: Grey

  Eyes: Blue-black

  Other features: Nightmare apparently draws mystic power and sustanance from the psychic energies of human beings, and therefore can be classified as a demon of some kind. It is not even known whether Nightmare was born in the same way that human beings are, or was instead created in some other manner.
Powers, Abilities and Limitations
  Intelligence: Extent Unknown

  Strength: Unknown limits, but presumed not to be "superhuman" in his physical form.

  Agility: Unknown limits

  Speed: Unknown limits

  Durability: Unknown, presumed immortal, "see below"

  Agility: Unknown

  Reflexes: Unknown

  Stamina: Unknown

  Fighting skills: Minimal hand-to-hand combat skills.

  Known Superhuman powers: Nightmare is a demon of an unknown sort who draws power and sustanance from the psychic energies of dreaming sentient beings. Nightmare is particulary dependnat upon the psychic energies of the human race of Earth. It is said that if humanity ceased to exist, Nightmare would cease to exist as well.

  Projecting his powers from his own dimension, Nightmare wields great control over those who sleep. He can draw the life essences (astral forms) of sleepers to his realm for study, leaving the sleepers physical bodies in comas. Once the sleepers' "souls" are in his domain, Nightmare can imprision the sould in globes of force, shrink the sould in size, turn them to stone or bombard them with their greatest fears. He can entrap a sleeper's sould indefinitely, although after a certain point it begins to lose its vitality and becomes useless to him. Nightmare can mentally manipulate the very substance of the Dream Dimension, which will alter its form at his will.

  Limitations: Nightmare is capable of traveling to the waking world, but he rarely does so since the properties of the waking world render him virtually powerless.
Nightmare is also vulnerable to the mystical light projected by the Eye of Agomotto within Doctor Strange's amulet.

  Transportation: Nightmare often rides a demonic horned steed.

  Source of superhuman powers: Supernatural
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