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Row, Row, Row Your Boat...
Cabinet Card, late 1880s
Studio: G. Koehler, Indianapolis, Ind.
Home, Sweet Home?
CDV, early 1880s
Studio: C.O. McAhron, Golden City, Mo.

The pattern on the door almost looks like a Confederate flag, but I think it's actually supposed to represent the woodwork.
A "Natural" Setting
Cabinet card, early 1880s
Studio: Roche, Louisville, Ky.
It's all done with mirrors
"Atlantic City Souvenir"
Real photo postcard, dated "about 1908"
Studio: Myers-Cope Co, 1521 & 1635 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, N.J.

Yes, that really is a
dead bird on her hat.
More fun with mirrors
Real photo postcard, 1910s
This man may be his own best friend.
Paper Moon
Real photo postcard, 1910s
Donkey Cart
Real photo postcard, postmarked 1907
mailed to Mrs. Juanita Lowry Bly, Plainfield, Ind.
The note written beside the image reads:

Juanita this isn't a very good picture of Jess for he had the neuralgia and the right side of his face was all swelled.
Your Sis, Marylou

I still can't decide which one is Jess!

At the Beach?
Real photo postcard, 1910s
This studio offered a real pony to pose on. There appears also to be real sand on the floor, perhaps to add verisimilitude to the beach (?) scene painted on the backdrop. Given the child's winter coat and the icicles painted on the building, this photo was presumably taken in winter. Did the photographer have seasonal background changes?
Riding Around in My Automobile
Real photo postcard, 1910s
The blurb on the back suggests that autos were still somewhat of a novelty at the time:

"Postal Photos in the Automobile, or other style, complete in ten minutes, RANDALL'S Studios, Coney Island, and Chester Park, Cin'ti, Ohio, and Atlanta, Ga."

The woman's shadow rather spoils the effect of the painted backdrop.

Wishing Well?
Real photo postcard, 1910s
The woman poses behind a painted cut-out image of a well, complete with pulley and bucket. (The bucket may be real.)

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