This scan and transcript was sent to me in July 2003 by site visitor Kyra Hicks (the author of Black Threads: An African American Quilting Sourcebook)

"A Woman in the Lead: An Indianapolis Artist Deserving of More Than a Passing Notice"
from The Freeman: A National Illustrated Colored Newspaper
Indianapolis, Indiana - November 22, 1890

“It is not generally known that one, if not the best photographer in this city is a lady – Mrs. Kate Bryant whose portrait appears in another part of this paper, but such is the case. A few years ago there might be seen on any bright day a show case artistically and beautifully mounted and arranged, at 6 ½ East Washington street. It was at this place or this number that Mrs. Bryant made her reputation as a photographer and artist. The excellence of her workmanship held the old customers and brought in new ones by the score: so much so that new and larger quarters had to be obtained, and it was then that the present location, 88 South Illinois street was selected and obtained. This art gallery and emporium is one of the most complete in the city. It is on the ground floor, easy of access. An element to the wonderful success of Mrs. Bryant is her remarkably low prices while the best quality and grade of work is done. She has always given the very lowest rates. As an inducement for the holidays, she has offered one dozen cabinet size photographs and a (?life) size crayon portrait for $5.00, also the best cabinet size photos for $3.00 per dozen and an elegant easel stand thrown in. These are special holiday offers and every one should take advantage of them. Remember the place and name: Mrs. Kate Bryant, 88 S. Illinois street.”

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