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The majority of images in my collection are real photo postcards dating to the "Golden Age of Postcards." You'll find many more photos and postcards from these two decades at other pages on this site (linked below).
Cabinet card, dated 5 May 1907
Studio: Heinr. Hester, Gothen. A.
Information on the back is handwritten in German. From what I can decipher, this is Helene Thiele and Oscar Schmitz. I had to buy this because of
his moustache.
"Oh! Why do they call me the Gibson Girl?"
Postcard, copyright 1907
She has the full regalia with the big hat, upswept hair, pouter pigeon blouse, and an hour-glass figure of sorts.

The handwritten note on the side of the image reads "This looks like Kit."
Real photo postcard, c. 1907-1910
I like how the girl's pose mirrors the man's, and I love
the woman's dress. There is corn growing on the other side of the fence.
1910 Dec(?) 25
If this really was taken at Christmas, she must be in a warm climate. She stands with arms akimbo in a starched frilly dress as though she was forced to dress up for this special occasion.
Real photo postcard, postmarked 1911
sent to Mrs. Pearl Wray, Edinburg., Ind. by Elsie C.
"I thought I would send you this card to remind you of us. That is Miss Pol with us."
Real photo postcard, 1910s
"Clifton Ave House - Grandmother's / Logansport, Ind."
Right to left
1st row (back): Lucille Cover - Goldie Robinson - Harold Smith
2nd row (front): Wade Cover - Isabelle Kinneman - Geraldine Smith - Velma Robinson
I love the
boy posing the kitten
"My sister and I"
Real photo postcard, postmarked 1916
Sent to Willie James, Madison, Ind. from Columbus, Ohio.
Real photo postcard, late 1910s
Studio: Rensler's, Cincinnati and Cleveland, Ohio
The woman on the left is wearing a man's suit. The other woman has some sort of clown costume on.
Everyone seems very amused by the situation.
Real photo postcard, 1910s
Name scribbled across the back of the photo appears to be "Ada Athey James."

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