1860s and 1870s

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I'm not an expert on historic costume, so in most cases I have dated the photos by their mounts. Let me know if you think something is dated in error!

Carte-de-visite (CDV), 1860s
"Mrs. Orrell / Louisville Ky"
My first CDV, purchased for 80
Check out the Gothic revival chair.
CDV, 1860s
Look at all the
lovely fabric!

Detail of her face and bodice

CDV, 1860s
"Callie Richardson"
Studio: Brown's Gallery, F. EGGEL, Photographer, Hopkinsville, Ky.
Unmounted photo, 1860s
Girl and doll

This is sort of a strange photo because it's not mounted on a board backing. It's on very thin paper, and I've always wondered if it was a modern reprint of some sort. But it could just be that the paper print never made it to a CDVbacking, and it was a gift, so it's not like I paid too much for it!

CDV, 1860s
Studio: J. Hess, successor to Chas. A. Saylor, S.W. corner Fifth and Penn Streets, Reading, Pa.

I like this photo for her open-fingered lace gloves.

CDV, 1860s
Is it just me or
does this woman's face look Asian? (And there were Chinese immigrants in the US by the 1860s)
CDV, 1870s
Studio: Cadwallader, Indianapolis, Ind.

The side view shows off her fashionable bustle.

CDV, 1870s
Studio: Hinckley's Gallery, Geneva, NY
Stereocard, 1870s
Studio: J. Gurney & Son, 5th Ave. cor., 16th St. New York.

The "Magic Eye" of the Victorian era: the double image is taken with two camera lenses that are slightly apart so that when viewed through a stereoscope, the images blend together to look three-dimensional. This is how people amused themselves before radio and television.

CDV, 1870s
Studio: Rhoads, Photographer, No. 1800, Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia

This photo had some very light pink tints on her cheeks and lips.

CDV, 1870s
Studio: W. Hamrick, Minonk, Illinois
CDV, late 1870s-early 1880s?
Studio: Pentz, Photographer, Rupp's Building, Centre Square, York, Pa.

Note the long, thick braid draped over her shoulder. (The unfortunate mark on her upper lip is a stain on the photo!)

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