Dark Cherubs Path

I walk the dark cherub's path
In a garden of earthly pleasure
Cries of sinners, silent wrath
To and from heaven without measure

Making my way into flesh
I will seek all it has to declare.
Good and evil, two shall mesh,
Exploiting the carnal without care.

I fear no eternal pain,
There is no post mortem punishment.
On my soul there is no stain,
Unto life no ghostly soul is rent.

A dark cherubs life I lead,
I walk on this dark path without fear.
Into life, pleasure I read,
For I know the end is always near.

Without the pleasures I seek,
Of what use would the world be to me?
Pain and suffering of meek
Would be all this world offers to see.

Better to be the pebble
On rough road to licentious living,
Than boulder on the level,
Without much pleasure for the giving.

This dark cherubs path is grand,
Offering up the most out of life.
For the mundane I will stand,
But adding not to the worldly strife.

Golden rule is all you need.
Unshackle your flesh from moral bind.
Take heed from the life I lead,
For you too can unsaddle your mind.

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