Tis no Xanadu

Survival is the key,
To all that we will do.
To look inside and see,
There is no Xanadu.

To propagate our genes,
Selfish motivation.
Survive by any means,
Social violation.

Can't see morality,
Has any place in it.
The weak will always be,
Deep in a world of shit.

Do what you must to win,
The end justifies all.
There's no such thing as sin,
When up against the wall.

There is only one thing,
That we all must observe.
Either rise to be king,
Or live out life to serve.

Too few are born to lead,
The rest follow like sheep.
The conscious mind will feed,
While many choose to sleep.

Religion parasite,
Eats away at your mind.
Be prepared for a fight,
Or you'll be left behind.

God is the mind killer,
Takes away your free will.
Church is the grave filler,
Take not their poisoned pill.

The tales of right and wrong,
Holey Babble's filled.
Resist it and be strong,
Or your mind will be killed.

Don't just sit there with dreams,
Do what you know is right.
Silence the children's screams,
From images at night.

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