What man could be above me,
I am vicar of the holy see?
My word is law, I am king
Up to the heavens my Bull will ring.

Unam Sanctam was the call,
One church, path to salvation for all.
He who does not go through me,
Shall be burnt in the fiery sea.

Of Peter, two swords shall be,
One is for the church, and one by me.
I say, Unam Sanctam rings,
None can challenge me, above all kings.

My faith is not malleable,
My judgment is all infallible.
I am the church and the rock,
With iron fist I will lead my flock.

Blind obedience I ask,
To leave not one standing is the task.
All will kneel down before god,
Or, into the dark fires they will trod.

I am the representative,
Only through me can all mankind live.
Live on in eternal life,
Or you suffer a temporal strife.

The Bible is not for you,
Just you listen, what I say is true.
I cannot be wrong, you see,
I have my infallibility.

Come and answer our Lordís call,
Cut those sinners down, once and for all.
Blood moist earth in the sun shall bake.
Leave not one soul standing in your wake.

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