Youíre just an Automaton,
Simply left in the on.
I wish you could know.

But youíll never know.

With all the things left undone,
Can you say you had fun?
Please just say something.

Please donít say something.

When I look into your eyes,
All I see are the lies,
And I canít help you.

No one can help you.

Nothing more than reflection of deceit,
Your nothing more than meat, you see.
I guess you donít see.

Mindless drifting not knowing youíre alive,
Youíre never knowing life, or me.
Youíll never know me.

When I think of everything,
All I feel is this sting,
And I canít feel you.

And you canít feel you.

No beginning and no end,
There is no will to bend.
Is it all over?

Itís never over.

Why is it that you canít see,
Youíll never really be.
Am I getting through?

Iíll never get through.

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