A Reality Perceived

Is this reality we are conceiving?
Could it be something else we are perceiving?
A nervous system weaving, interweaving,
Senses receiving, believing, deceiving.

With all of these senses I am astounded,
Iím in a world of perception surrounded.
The range of experience is confounded,
I sense the beauty of the world resounded.

On this never ending quest for sensation,
Its satiation will be my salvation.
Of good and bad there is no separation,
Depravationís the only violation.

With new sensation comes exhilaration,
Itís exaltation of simple elation.
From this path there can be no deviation,
Through exploration there is no damnation.

The only goal of life is satisfaction,
Of this ideal there is no abstraction.
Experience is never a distraction,
For we all know lifeís temptations attraction.

For the next sensation I am crusading,
The next experience never evading.
The call of a nervous system persuading,
ďGive in to that next sensation cascading.Ē

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