There is no abdication of affirmation
Authorization of aberration
With the attenuation of acclamation
Amplification of accusation

There is no cessation of contamination
A continuation of causation
This is consummation of civilization
The culmination in captivation

This is a demonstration of deformation
Deification of depravation
There is no deviation from depredation
Mighty equation of desolation

Only education for eradication
Saves explanation from extirpation
The exoneration of examination
Exaltation of elucidation

There is a fermentation of fascination
The foundation of a deep frustration
This dark federation of a fulmination
A fabrication of filiation

Thereís no germination of gratification
Thereís no gradation of graduation
Lost in the gestation of a generation
Gravitation of galvanization

This is habituation of hibernation
Hallucination of habitation
The horrification of humiliation
Hesitation of humanization

This is no illustration of innovation
Indication of indoctrination
Itís the incubation of infatuation
An invitation for imitation

This is a laceration of liberation
Its legislation for limitation
Itís the legalization of lamentation
Giving of libation for laudation

There is no moderation from mutilation
Moralization for machination
Simple mediation for manipulation
Manifestation of ministration

From the nullification of obligation
Comes neutralization of oblation
The onerous negation of observation
For negotiation of ovation

What of the profligation of procreation
The permeation of population
Where is the presentation for preservation
A predication of our predation

Ramification of rationalization
The refutation of revelation
Itís the revocation of a reputation
No relaxation of regulation

Thereís no simulation for this supplication
Itís the stipulation for salvation
Thereís no satiation from this situation
Itís the saturation of stagnation

Itís the tantalization of a temptation
No termination of tribulation
Thereís really no truncation of trepidation
Its toleration of termination

Itís the verification of violation
The validation of vindication
Itís the veneration of vilification
Itís the vocation of valuation.

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