Darkest of Dreams

As I sit up high upon my perch,
I watch the sprites below.
With watchful eyes they begin their search,
For victims to and fro.

No one can hide from their searching gaze,
This you can plainly see.
Life is the field upon which they graze,
Its flesh that sets them free.

Many hapless wonderer have found,
As I watch from above,
Thereís no defense as they circle round,
From this dark kind of love.

There is no escape from this embrace,
Iíve seen it all before.
That look of hopelessness on the face,
Standing before deathís door.

With sharpened tooth and a razor claw,
Life starts to drain away.
That last sad breath I have seen them draw,
Out of that mortal clay.

Was this just a dream I had this night?
It seemed so real to me.
Waking in the dark with such a fright,
Could all this really be?

As I look around, what do you know?
It wasnít just a dream.
Inside I can feel this hunger grow,
To taste that sanguine stream.

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