Eulogy for a Squirrel

We have gathered here to send a dearly beloved friend,
Who’s taken his leave of this place, to reside up in heaven’s grace.
I thank you all for attending, I know how he was befriending.
He can never be replaced.

Paw in peace he was to lend, right up to the very end
It was not hard for us to trace that little smile upon his face.
He was never known offending, to heaven surely ascending,
Joys of living he embraced.

Pleasures he was quick to vend for a seed by which to spend,
Through my yard he was quick to lace from tree to tree with such a grace.
In his quest he was unbending, of his life I am commending,
How our lives were interlaced.

You will be missed little friend, with me to the very end,
In peace of mind you were an ace, bringing a smile to my face.
To you I must be extending, my sorrow is not pretending,
Memories never erased.

How death’s dark hand came to rend, without you alone I wend,
Through this dark, dreary garden place, footsteps with mine eye to trace.
None can ever be amending what death has been expending,
Forever with death embraced.

*** Disclaimer ***
No actual squirrel was injured in the inspiration of this poem.
He is still very much alive.

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