Ode for Television Commercials

Oh how mindless you fill the air,
With nothing to give.
If only there was something there,
Something for the sieve.

Statistics you offer are void,
Nothing worth knowing.
Full of malice, I am annoyed
With what youíre showing.

Three out of what four doctors?
Your claim leaves me dour.
Nothing more than quisling proctors,
I have seen before.

You elide the truth without care,
Omitting the facts.
Embittered I just sit and stare,
Knowing what it lacks.

The masses must be fooled by it,
You donít change your ways.
People must be buying this shit,
It looks like it pays.

J. B. Watson would be so proud,
To see it today.
Advertisement is just a shroud,
With nothing to say.

Youíre vacuous and incomplete,
A service you claim.
With much reproach you are replete,
For anotherís name.

Offer any information,
I beseech of you.
Not just mindless declaration,
That you claim is true.

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