Blood Ties (A Vampiric Encounter)

Itís the blood that binds us tight
No matter how hard you fight
Nothing ever felt so right
The way I hold you tonight

No way you can resist me
I have this power, you see
From me, youíll never be free
Without me, youíll never be

I move my hand to your breast
Donít fear, I will touch the rest
I searched this world for the best
It was you that passed the test

I walked this earth for lifetimes
No one knows of all my crimes
I will know you many times
I know for whom the bell chimes

Ah, now you feel me in you
I draw out your life, its true
I am not just any screw
I guess you already knew

A rush of blood, up and out
I stifle your urge to shout
A covered mouth cannot pout
As I move your head about

Those pathetic thoughts you had
Little dreams lost, thatís so sad
For a second you were mad
Wait, when Iím through, youíll be glad

Just when you think itís all done
Thatís when it starts to get fun
Never will you see the sun
Forever in dark you run

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