The War Dance

A condition of opposition
Two come together divided
Through an enemy comes fruition
Provided they are united
In their deadly ebullition.

Tortuous intentions betoken
Concealed deceit contaminate
Noble designs are to be spoken
Efforts made to extenuate
A will that cannot be broken.

Leaders present in order to throw
Bewildered people in a trance
The masses will be obliged to go
Joining this impetuous dance
From which deathís music is to flow

In human life, what is the budget
For the goal of peace, war is brought
Mechanized truncheon dip to bludgeon
Coercive diplomacy wrought
Efforts made not to be outdone

Two forces meet on a field of war
To overpower the alter
Like so many other times before
Epithets for he who falter
Itís failure, not death they abhor

A legacy of the human race
That peace will be ephemeral
From whence did the evil of this place
Come and enter the temporal
And into our psyche did lace

This contest, no one can ever win
There is always someone to blame
Killing another is always sin
Even the victor lives with shame
This world with malaise should spin

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