Armor parked oil leak,
On the ground, no sound
Running burning tail pipe
Churning acid rain

Saturation emission
Violation exhausted
Deep breath, leaves you dizzy
In your shell, To busy to stop

Look around, toxins by the pound
What have we done
Does anyone know
Where to go, to slow

Murderer surrender,
Bystander do nothing
Dying crying lying Mouths,
Seek water, Find slaughter

The end, the end, the end
Is now, take a bow
Donít ask how to fight it
No answers

Tire piles for miles
Rubber smiles,
Taken to the bank
For disposal

No responsibility for waste
For the spoils thereís haste
Roasted river boils
Around neck rope coils

Poison mercury meat
Hopeless nervous defeat
Paralyzed mangled entangled
Inorganic chains that strangle

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