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Well, those that are regular visitors to our site will have noticed the severe lack of updates !

This is due to an unexplainable virus that recently infected out database on the hard drives. We, as yet, cannot explain how we contracted the virus (but suspect fowl play). We are currently rebuilding our database and ask that you please bear with us as we endavour to get back up and running !

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Are you being watched right now ?
The above photograph is a still from a larger video. Which is an exclusive to,You saw it first here, to the naked eye it appears to be a ball of light in the night sky the video capture shows it move from left to right and then upwards before the video feed cuts out. Of course it could merely be a guy with a torch in a dark alley. Of course the staff at know the truth. For more information on the video and if you would like a copy of the movie then simply email to find out the truth behind this footage !

Facts released about Video !!! proved a hoax !!!

Yes thats right the video above was proven to be a hoax by our own research team a few hours after it was submitted. By using our computers to clear up the image we have deduced that the photograph is nothing more than a street lamp that has been recorded through a window, or other substance (cling-film?) on a dark night.

You saw it here first - you saw it end here - Hoax discovered - 07 - 05 - 02.
Do not go where the path may lead ! Go instead were there is no path and leave a trail - Ralph Waldo Emerson
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