Contrary to popular opinion,romance is not a shallow, frivolous thing. It is the cornerstone of the family and of civilization
Jayne Ann Krentz I Love Happy Endings


I'm used to being teased about my "mushy" books but I LOVE them.

Every day is full of murder, death,animal abuse, mistreated children and on and on it goes. My books have fun,mystery, adventure and love. The bad guys lose, the good guys win and I can depend on a happy ending. Something you don't get much of in everyday life. This section of my page is for the rest of the romantics out there. knows not its own depth until the hour of separation
Kablil Gibran

I like the historical ones the best. You learn alot of history and I especially like to read about the fashions and the food.

If you have a favorite author, let's compare notes.

I have put my books into the computer, that's how I got started with computers, so I could keep track of what I have, what I've read, who are my "Star" authors, etc.

I now have more books than I can store. I have joined a book trading clubThe Romance Novel Trading Club, where there are books and traders..And since I have too many to list there I have a Books For Trade PageCome on in and check it out!

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BYRON Book Reference
                                DatabaseThis reference databse is the GREATEST! You can look up books and find the others in that series, get an idea of what a possible trade book is like, find books by author, title, hero, family name, plot type, I could go on forever.
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