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Hello and thank-you for visiting our home page. Arthur and I have included several link pages that we hope you not only find helpful but interesting.


I am a teacher and I LOVE to teach. My students are just like my kids. Arthur is a radiation technician and works at a nuclear power plant on one of the Great Lakes in Michigan. We both work lots of hours, so the freetime we do get we spend it wisely, that is together. Some of our hobbies include: collecting lighthouses, computers, woodworking and money making (with the cost of living today... we believe this should be everyone's favorite hobby). Please enjoy the link pages that we have selected. We hope you come back often-- because we make lots of updates. If you would like, you may send us your comments and suggestions through our e-mail address which is below. Thanks and Enjoy!!!


Spend time together

Take long walks on the beach

Daily bike rides with picnics (if time)

Surf the net

Spend time with our families

Tour the Michigan Lighthouses

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Our Special Pages

Our Missing Children Page-- If You Make Only One Stop On Our Page, Please Let this Be Your Stop
Faces of Fear-- Let's Rid Our Streets of Child Kidnappers and Molesters
Death of an Innocent
Our Tribute to the Beautiful Princess Diana
For Mom and Dad

Our Pages

Make Your Own Home Page-- Free! Free! Free! Plus, My SPECIAL Thank-Yous List!!
Tonya's Educational Center for Everyone
Our Many Hobbies Page
Cool Things On the Net-- Things to Do When You Are Bored
Lighthouse Place-- A Very Special Link to Our Lighthouse Page
Calvin and Hobbes: check out the latest on Calvin and his buddy Hobbes
Our Awards and Banner Collection Page
Our Web Rings Page-- You Can Join These Rings Too
Mindi and Mama's Pawfect Pet and Animal Page

Our Favorite Links Terrific pictures and everything you ever wanted to know about the planets.
Virtual Hospital-- Fasinating, You can even walk trough a diagnosis
Shareware-- Download games, utilites, updates and browsers.
Look For Lost Classmates--(don't become a lost classmate register today)


This page was last updated in May of 2000. Thank You for all of your time and please visit us again. Also please take a few minutes to sign our guestbook.

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Our Missing Children Page
If You Make Only One Stop On Our Page, Please Let this Be Your Stop

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