"Please be patient , good things take time"

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Hello !

My name is Elizabeth, but folks around

Whitney ,Texas call me Liz. I enjoy

the company of my animals, music, and my

2500gal.outside fish pond and of course

my hubby {Don}that is at home now, my son

and my daughter and two

grandkids two Grant Grandson's & family and

good friends around this neck of woods. I

collect old Ker.lamps ,I have a few about

210 or so . I am a person that

can't stand to see a animal or human

being mistreated.

A 34 year old mare

named Chipper and a few cow's.

Oh did I forget to tell you I live on a

ranch. I have a lot of animals that

people don't want any more and a few

humans that can't find a place to

live..Take off your hat, kick off your

boots , have a cup of coffee and make

your self at home, And Please sign my


"My Three girls"

coke, tinker,missy

"My Little Boy Blue"


"My Fish Pond"


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"We really have a chihuahua that really eats mail"

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