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The World

This is my world. Here are pages of my kids and grandkids, boxers and other two and four legged friends.

swimming fish

These big ones didn't get away!. . . . After a long day of fishing that old sleeping bag looks might good!

Good morning's work . . . Nice salmon! . . . Off to the old sleeping bag!

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My fishing buddies, Richard and G.G., and oh, they are sorely missed!

Trout, yum! . . G.G. & Richard . . G.G. & Kay

Jumping dolphin

A Baja fishing fleet at sunset. I just LOVE Baja!

{Baja fishing fleet}


My wonderful Mom and Dad, 50+ years of luvin'!

My Mom and Dad

Fontelle and Ernie Hamlin


My Kids "back then" The Family "now" Terrific Grandkids
Boomer & Maddy Boxers My Boxer Rescue Page Dear Absent Friends


GRANDKIDS' OWN WEB PAGES: K.J.'s Personal Page Bryan's Game Page

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