Some of you may be asking what is "Da Zone"?? Well, to put it in simple terms, Da Zone
is a state of consciousness that only a few mere mortals in the history of planet earth have
ever reached. It is to reach a level of excellence in which you are head and shoulders better
then anyone else in your chosen field. This website is dedicated to two cats who are going
to go down in history as two of the most talented people of the 20th century. One of them
is the best cornerback who as ever lived and the other is the best guitarist that ever lived.


Deion Sanders is one of the best football players in the game today. Combined with his abilities
in baseball and track & field, he may well be one of the best athletes of the 20th century. Those
who can appreciate the tremendous difficulty of playing cornerback will respect his skills and
acknowledge his superiority over the rest of the other corner's. Being a pro athlete, business man, actor, rapper and father..... yes.... PRIME TIME does it all!!!!!


The story goes that when Eric Clapton first saw Jimi Hendrix perform, he walked off the stage
in complete astonishment and disbelief. Yes.... Hendrix tended to have that effect on people.
To best give a definition on the evolution of the electric guitar, all one would have to say is
"before Hendrix..... and..... after Hendrix". He changed not only the way people played the
guitar but also the face of rock n' roll itself.


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