You feel something watching you...
hello there--hell here

Geez! Has it really been 9 months since I updated?! I added 11 poems to the writing page, and a couple of new Matched Pieces. 9 months? I could have had a kid in that time but I couldn't work on my website?! It's a good thing no one depends on me for entertainment!

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The big gallery update is done, now for the writing: Five new poems at the writing page, and a couple of new Matched Pieces! Go, read, IM me, enjoy :)

I've moved most of my pictures to a new provider (ran out of space...) Click here to go there! I also finally scanned the pictures from the bahamas and snow days--they're all there! (Oh, and if any of you guys notices broken pictures/links, etc. PLEASE e-mail me!

Two new mediocre poems up at the Field Page.

More new writing! and two other poems. One very very long one...

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