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Hi! This site is dedicated to my cat family. They are from the 'game' Catz 3.  If you click on the links above you will be taken to the page or pages dedicated to that cat.  There are  photographs and information about each pet. 

When the site is completed there will hopefully be lots of things for you to do and read.  I am also hoping to up date my site regularly because the sites I have visited haven't been updated in awhile and things are out of date etc.  If you find that my site hasn't been updated in awhile you have my permission to shout at me!  Just send me an email
and you can shout at me!

I have recently added a page that will update you when any of my families have kittens.  Please check out the newborns page!

I have just started a catz show so please check that out if you are interested in entering your catz.....

I am also going to start a mailing list so look out for that soon.

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