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The Trip Site is a collection of fascinating short stories, anecdotes, articles and the like, that I have gathered together over the years. They are written as graphic examples of concepts in the fields of philosophy, counselling and humanities, disciplines which I have had much exposure to. They represent many and varied views of the world. They are entertaining, thought provoking, critical, and often capture the imagination. If you are a public speaker, much of what you will read here will be useful as you try to demonstrate a point to your audience. The stories and articles have been written in plain english so that anyone can comprehend the point being made. I have been regarded as someone who is 'never short of a good yarn.' I always inspire thought provoking discussion. So read on, and trip yourself out.

You may submit your own short stories/experiences for me to include in this site. I am the kind of person who loves to learn from the experiences of others, so please, help me to share with the world what knowledge and wisdom can be gained from the experiences of others. Use the 'Mail me a trip' icon to share your story.

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