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Hi, I'm Ed Childers.

As you will see if you take a few moments to browse through the following pages, since GeoCities graciously permitted me to move into the Delphi neighborhood of Athens, I have managed to make several improvements to my new web "home." I realize that the changes are cosmetic for the most part, but at least now I feel that I am on my way to producing a web site that will be both enjoyable and informative to both my neighbors here in Delphi and to the greater web public as well.

The description of my site is:

Literature, philosophy, religion, education, research, criticism. . .
What more is there? Find out. . .

In the very near future, I hope to provide pages within this site that touch on each of the subjects listed in the above description. As I hope to author a quality site, I will be constantly striving to produce engaging, instructive material.

(6/30/99--All I can say is, "I'm working on it.")

In the meantime,


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