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I've been collecting anti Bill Gates memorabilia for some time now, and some of them are too good to keep from you. A lot of them are mere textfiles, but I'll include some games and pics as well. Anything I can get my hands on will end up on this page, and if you have something you think is worth adding here, mail it to me, and I'll put it up.

OK, here it is, for Dutchies mainly, the big sensation in Holland, the newest hitsingle "ONE DAY FLY"!!!!! Zoals te zien geweest in Kopspijkers, hier te downloaden. One day fly

Bill meets the Devil
Bill's new house
Bill's meets St. Peter

What if Mr. Data from Star trek was Microsoft compatible?
What would happen if Microsoft made women as well?
What if Microsoft made tv dinners?
What is Windows 95 anyway?

This is a welcome message as you will not find it with your fresh copy of Windows, but closer to the truth... Welcome to Windoze 98
OK, here's something that's not necessarily anti Bill Gates, but fun nonetheless..It's the Desk top toys!!! Including a variety of things to blow your screen to bits, a Superhero to help save it, and plenty of other things to take up your time...Be advised though, it's 1.6 Mb, so it may take a while to download..

Of course I have some pictures as well for you..*NO not those...*S*)

Bill1 Bill2
The first one is said to be printed on some of the Intel chips, the second..ah's the thought that counts...;-)
And the third...Ahhh well..I guess you all know that one..;-}

And if you're not sure what is is, take a look at this , the movie that started it all...*S* And here's one that really makes you wonder about what the Microsoft programmers want...You never can do it right it seems error

Bad day at work?? Maybe this movie will cheer you up.
Getting bored with the same old Windows start up screens every day??Here's a .zipfile with some alternates, all lets say, not too kind on MicroShaft..They're the right size already, all you have to do is unzip them and replace the old Logo.sys in your C:\ with one of these (Remember to rename the olds one if you ever want it back..)Some of the file in the zipfile have to be renamed to logo.sys first in order to work properly. Startup screens
Ever wondered what those mysterious error codes are Windows displays so often?? Follow this link and hit your browsers back button to return here again

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