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Oh Great Spirit of the Indian People Hear my words. For they are words that come from my heart. soul and mind.
Oh Great Spirit-Be my mind, Be my eyes. Be my soul. So that I can walk with dignity and pride.
Oh Great Spirit of the Indian People know of me. For I am one of your people. I am an Indian, an Indian of the Circle.of Life. A prisoner of War on my own land.
Oh Great Spirit of the Indian people hear my words. For they are for you. They are for you, You are my way of life in the Circle Of Life.


My name is Darla (Free Spirit) I am part Seneca. Seneca people are part of the Iroquois League of Six Nations

I do not live on a reservation but my Heart and my Spirit follow the Red Path. I do healing and I am a Card Reader I use the Tarot Cards and use my abilities wisely and Spiritually. I have studied and been reading Tarot cards for 22 years. I have been doing healing for 15 years.

I have studied the Tarot with
Rusty Kanarus Tarot Master. She was given that title in Tibet where she studied.
Olga Belesko
Parastudy Inc.

I studied healing with
Bunny Conover
Universal Life Church


I have set up a messageboard for everyone to use. If you have any questions or input please post on the messageboard. If we don't have the answer we will do our best to get the information for you.


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There is a healing and prayer circle if you or anybody you know needs healing please email me.

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