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I'm FINALLY back...this page will be undergoing some MAJOR renovating, starting from scratch. The new pages will have the same material (plus a lot more), but look a heck of a lot better. And they're going to be moved t a different site, since geocities no longer holds my esteem (read: I was locked out of my site for over a week, because their "service" wouldn't send me the new password after I was required to create a new account because of the merger to yahoo). Once I get my site up at XOOM, I'll be posting the new address.

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trbfly1.gif (1468 bytes) My Big Cats page: It has a lot of info and cool pics of my favorite four-legged animals.
trbfly1.gif (1468 bytes) My Faerie Page: This one has some cool pics of faeries by Brian Froud, Arthur Rackham, Cicley M. Barker, and several other artists. Also includes pictures of elves, goblins, mermaids, and other majikal creatures. Take a look!.

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trbfly1.gif (1468 bytes) Hi! I'm Syren, a native of northern California. I enjoy playing soccer (indoor and out), tennis, and volleyball. I also love sailing. I have two 13' long sailboats, one Sunfish and one Sailfish. The Sunfish may look better, but our Sailfish is fast! I also love rafting. I've been down the South Fork of the American several times, the Rogue River in Oregon, and the Main Salmon in Idaho. And next year, I may be able to add the Colorado river to that list.

I'm currently a junior at Granite Bay High. I do track and cross country for them, but may may not next year because of crew. Things I like: cherry pie, butterflies, cats, my Rotweiller Jessie, the color blue, Watership Down, swing music (Benny Goodman!), water (as in rivers and lakes), my buddies, art, "Strictly Ballroom", Skittles!, etc. Basically everything except for mud wrestling and my math teacher.

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