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Hello and Welcome to Our Poetry Corner! We Hope you are "Blessed" by the Wonderful Poetry That POP has Written in the last 45 years!!

We Hope you Enjoy these few selections from the hundreds of poems that POP has written over the years. POP also writes Personal Poetry for couples or a Friend or Special someone.


All Poems are LARGE. They will take up 2 pages when PRINTED.
There is NOTHING at this point that can be done about it. We tried reduceing them to half the size, they still take up 2 pages. Beyond that, they lose their clarity & beauty.
We will continue to seek a solution to this problem. Until then, just tape them together.
In Him
Toni Sweikert
Site Manager

Meet Pop

POP's Bio.


Please Note that some Poem's maybe repeated only for the Variety in background paper for your pleaseure. This site will be up-dated frequently as we scan more of Pop's Poetry. Check back often. These make Great Gifts for that someone Special! Just Print them out and Frame them! Blessings!

If you should be intrested in a "Personal Poem", please just E-mail POP and tell him about that "Special Someone" and he'll get back to you as quick as possible.


Feel Free to Print Them Out on Tbeir Lovely Paper, Any or as many as you wish!!

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1.Jesus is Lord

2.Never Give Up!

3.Price was PAID!


5.Waves of Blessings

6.Last Call

7.Where are we going?

8.HE Knows Our Needs

9.The Devil is a Liar

10.A Neverending Love

12.God's Hand

13.God's Promise's


15.Road to life #1

16.Road to Life #2
(different paper)


19.Waves og Blessimgs #2

Please take a moment my fellow writer, and let me know who you are! Thanx!

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