The smell of roses lulls you forward, as you walk through the mist off of a mountain lake, you begin to notice a small cottage in a clearing. At long last you have reached RoseMarie's cottage. Come in, sit down, and have a cup of tea.

tea cup

Press play on the right to hear Enya's Memory of the Trees on the left to hear Pachebel's Canon

my view

I see that you have noticed my view, isn't it beautiful?

My cottage

my cottage

As you enter the small cottage, you notice that the inside is significantly larger then the outside. Step inside, turn to your left to if you wish to sit down in my den, if you go to the end of the hallway you will find the door to the garden.

enter my garden

Click on the rose to enter my garden

RoseMarie's Story

Princess RoseMarie

Happiness and joy spread over the small kingdom of Sveria, at long last the roses shed their winter blankets and presented their faces to the sun. Inside the castle, King Stephen and Queen Ariah celebrated the birth of their daughter. The baby girl was so beautiful, the Queen named her RoseMarie, in honor of the newly bloomed roses.

As time passed, the little girl grew to a become a teenagerand developed a love for all that was living. At age thirteen, RoseMarie went to her parents and addressed her desires to become an herbalist. At first the King and Queen were disapointed that their daughter and heir to the throne wanted to pursue such a humble position. However, after seeing the fire in young Rose's eyes they consented. From that point on, RoseMarie spent her days in her garden and her evenings as an apprentice under Lady Sandinae.

Before long, RoseMarie learned how to transform herbs into various teas that could cure virtually any illness. On her fifteenth birthday, King Stephen officially granted RoseMarie the title of Royal Herbalist.

As a child, RoseMarie lived a happy life. Each night as Rose slept, she would dream of someday becoming the Queen of the land and of the many roses that she would plant for the occasion.

One morning RoseMare awoke to find that her peaceful kingdom was no longer so peaceful. She looked out of her window to see the land torn by violence and a crowd of unknown people attempting to storm the castle. Confused and slightly worried, Rose went to her parents chambers. To her surprise, they were already in the throne room, speaking to an unknown man.

"If you give me the Princess, no more violence will come to your land or your people." The strange man said.

"No, I will never give you my daughter," the King answered.

By this time, Queen Ariah bowed her head low and sobbed uncontrollably.

RoseMarie realized that there was only one thing that she could do. She went to her chamber and packed her bag with all that she would need for several weeks, left her parents a short note, and took a secret passage into the woods where she set up camp and waited for all of the commotion to cease.

After three weeks time, RoseMarie returned to Sveria. To her surprise all was silent. As she looked around, she realized that all were dead. Wiping a tear from her eye in disbelief, RoseMarie went to her parents chamber. In horror she looked to find the King and Queen lying dead, in a pool of blood. In grief, RoseMarie carried the remains of her parents to her garden and buried then in what used to be her bed of roses. As a marker, RoseMarie picked the one remaining flower, which was and enchanted blue rose, and layed the petals on top of the graves. RoseMarie then returned to her chamber for one last time, gathered her things, and bid good bye to Sveria forever.

After wondering through the forest for a period of many endless weeks, RoseMarie came across a small cottage in the forest. She knocked on the door and asked the owner if she good bid her shelter. After hearing the lost maidens story, the cottage owner introduced herself as the Empress Silvia Rose. The two quickely became friends and Silvia adopted RoseMarie as a child of her own. In the time that followed, Rose moved on into her own cottage, with a garden. She was adopted by Emperor Falcon of Atlantica and became a princess to his great empire. Though she had made many new friends, a void still existed in Rose's heart.

With time, RoseMarie met ArchSole, the one person who could fill the eternal void in her heart. Rose and Sole married and had two children Amoura Rose and Adryan Sole, as well as an adopted son Khle.

blooming roseblooming roseblooming rose

Pain and Suffering

Pain Suffering

Pain and Suffering are a set of longswords hand forged for Rose by a close friend. The blades are diamond edged and forged of vorpal, inside each blade is a highly toxic poison with the ability to kill with mere contact to an open wound, thus when struck by either Pain or Suffering, if the cut itself is not fatal, the effects of the poison are. Unfortunately, the only person with the knowledge of an anecdote for the poison was killed, meaning that once the poison is in the body there is no way to remove it.

throwing daggerthrowing daggerthrowing dagger



Nietzsche (pronounced Nee-Chee) is my pet ruby throated humming bird. He lives in my garden and keeps me company when I get lonely. If you see him, just hold out your finger for him to perch on.

Blossoms of the Soul


Herbal Tea for the Mind


My Love,


Our Family

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Kingdom of Atlantica

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