Come inside...all are welcome in the Red Crystal Keep!  I am Seobahn, the mage of the Red Crystal Keep and I will be your guide while you are here...above and below are just a few glimpses into the fantastical realm of Seobahn's Red Crystal Keep...just stroll on down the path...a path to true fantasy...

Inside the Red Crystal are many corridors and tunnels to explore...each one may hold adventure, information, treasure, and danger...the choice will be yours.

The Red Crystal is filled with magical people, races, creatures, lands, and stories of the past.  If you are ready to begin your exploration...please choose a path in the navigational bar at the bottom of the page and begin your adventure...



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This is a Tibetan Prayer Wheel...a reminder that no matter what your faith, prayer changes things...

*****New things added!!!*****

Please check out the return of 

Seobahn's Fantasy Gallery...I think you will be pleased!

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