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Sniper Defined

"The sniper is the most effective of all soldiers. Their task is to infiltrate enemy lines undetected and take out specific targets, without injuring bystanders. He then has to extract himself from the battlefield, successfully avoiding any enemy patrols, for he is an offensive, not a defensive weapon. The surgical removal of enemy hierarchy and the subsequent collapse of the command infrastructure make the sniper the most sought after element in any war."


Primary Targets

Sniper Stats...My info and other useless stats
FSP...Federal Sniper Party
SNET...Sniper Netizens, Join Today
LINKS...Pretty self-explanitory
Sniper News....Previous Hot Targets
WinForce....Episodes I, IV, V, VI
Business Targets...Bad Businesses
Conspiracy Targets...Kennedy, Di, UFOs
Hot Targets...Front Page News
Special Interest Groups...Various SIG's
Politics...Jean and Bill, etc.
The Other Side of Sniper Space...You never knew

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Most opinions included are my own. Any comments, opinions, etc. that are not mine will be identified as such. This site is for information only and areas within are often satirical in nature. This site is maintained without prejudice and is not intended to cause or endorse any illegal activity, of any kind, anywhere. If anyone has cause to dispute any posted information, or has reason to believe any content herein may break any law, they have three choices:

1. Leave and get stuffed.

2. Snivel and whine a lot.

3. E-mail me and I will deal with the matter appropriately and ASAP.

All comments/opinions are welcome and will be considered for inclusion if you so wish. I will edit for profanity and legality only. I appreciate any requests for topics, or suggestions to improve this site. If you like this site, tell me. If you don't and feel the need to voice your ridiculous opinions, please refrain from the use of profanity.
Thank you.

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