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Genealogy is a recent interest that I have taken up.  I always wondered where my name came from, it was a family mystery until recently.  While browsing the internet, I stumbled across a few genealogy pages which spurred my interest.  Since then genealogy has been quite a hobby. 

I have since traced my ancestors to William Brewster of the Mayflower and have linked over 800 individuals which is posted online in this site.  My database in continually improving while I try to confirm the knowledge I currently have with legitimate sources. 

This page serves as a link to my family tree and other local history. Most of my ancestors were from New England and New York; Canaan, Columbia, NY being where I grew up.  The BITHER name for my family seemed to have originated from the name BITZER of Germany.  The following surnames are some of my direct lines that I am currently researching.  Let me know of any links or questions. 


Please visit the dedicated BITHER web page.  I have just included the Bither-Byther Genealogy which I scanned into the computer for all to see.

Also visit the page dedicated to Canaan, NY where you will find some old photos of the town.  Here you will also find the beginning of the 1850 Census of Canaan.  There are about 1000  people listed here to date.  Come back often and search the database for your own Canaan Relatives. 

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My full database constructed with The Genealogical Companion.
    This  includes every individual in my database, Try here if you think you might have a link. This contains EVERYONE in my database and is pretty easy to use.
 GEDCOM Download

Just click the tree below next to the file you want to download, then save it to disk. I am not guaranteeing that the information is 100% accurate.  I do my best!

ENTIRE DATABASE (176kb updated 11/9/97) includes all 814 people. BITHER GEDCOM (13kb updated 2/23/97) Descendants of John Bither b. ca 1824 in Wuertenburg, Germany
FOSTER GEDCOM (42kb updated 2/23/97) Descendants of Rev. Thomas Foster b. England ABT 1570 BLOOD GEDCOM (40kb updated 2/23/97) Descendants of James Blood b. England 1580
DEXTER GEDCOM (32KB updated 2/23/97) Descendants of Thomas Dexter b. England 1605 PRINDLE GEDCOM (31kb) Descendants of William Pringle b. Scotland m. 1655
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