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Down on the farm

With the Farmers

The Farmer Homestead

Howdy!! and welcome to th' Farmer Homestead!! Did yore granny ever make 'em 'ar preserves...strawberry and blackberry? Hmmmm....whutn't they goooooood to eat in th' winter time whilst everthang was civered with snow?!


You got a collection of somethin', thimbles, baseball card colletion, coin collection, stamp collection, etc? I got one too! I got a collection of old family tree roots... I'm interested in "Savin' th' Farmer Children"...generation by generation.

So come on and lets tromp around th' farm and see if we can find anythang. I been diggin' in these roots fer a LONG, LONG time. So, let's tromp across th' pig, through th' yard, down by th' cherrytree, then 'cross th' creek, (be keerful, we gotta cross 'at broke-down tree), and go down by th' barn to th' garden. 'ets see if any of 'ese here East Tennessee ROOTS are tangled up with yores!!

These here Farmer roots was alivin' in th' eastern part of Tennessee; in th' Anderson, Campbell, Roane county area.

Well, if'n you dont see any o' these roots are tangled with yores...theys a few more families to look at..maybe some day whilst I'm diggin' in 'at garden, their roots will be tangled with mine.

Let's go back up to the house and git a coffee. We'll sit down over 'ar at th' table and just jaw awhile over our folks! How's at?

Well, I'll go furst..'ere goes...

The main Farmer roots that I been diggin' on, is Abner Farmer. You can go down 'ar to th' little bunny to find his children and more of his descendants. You 'no how 'em bunnies are!!