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Kid Rock's new single off his new cd 'Cocky' is hitting the airwaves soon. I know you hear the name 'Kid Rock' and you think you already know the music he makes & you don't think you'd like it, but I think this time you would be wrong!

Kid Rock's new cd is about as varied musically as you can get. Kid Rock has basically told the record companies to kiss his ass cuz he's gonna do it his way. He's doing everything from George Jones to Jayzee. He's crossing the lines with songs like 'Picture' (a duet with Sheryl Crow) and 'Lonely Road of Faith'.

You can vote for Lonely Road of Faith on TRL by using this link:
Lonely Road of Faith/TRL

If you'd like to see the video, you can click any of these links to see it:
Here is the link to the video:



WMP (low)

WMP (high)
Here is the link to the new Lonely Road of Faith e-card:
Kid Rock E-Card
Download it and pass it around to your friends. It's really cool.

You can check out 'Lonely Road of Faith' from these links.

Real Player
Lonely Road of Faith

Windows Media
Lonely Road of Faith
Or if these links are tied up, you can listen to 'Lonely Road of Faith' as well as other cuts from 'Cocky' at

'Cocky' is available in stores now in the US (both an edited & a P.A. versions)
and it drops in the UK on January 28th and in Australia on February 26th!
'Forever' the first single off 'Cocky' and it dropped on January 14 in the UK. It is a rockin' tune, so keep your ears open for it! If ya haven't heard it, you can hear it & see the video at

Keep listening cuz I know 'Lonely Road of Faith' is gonna burn up the charts!

Keep on Kid Rockin' in the free world!

If you would like to join a killer club (for free!) that lets you earn points that you can redeem for cool Kid Rock merchandise, then you need to follow this link and join Kid Rock's Official On-line Street Team. They have really cool contests & shit...Hell, I even won an autographed Kid Rock guitar! Where else can you win cool shit like that? No where but here:
Join the i-squad now!

Download the Kid Rock e-card...it really kicks ass!
Kid Rock E-Card

Kid Rock E-Card for MAC

 Are you a massive Kid Rock fan, too? I'm working frantically on a Kid Rock gallery. He's SO HOT!
E-mail me!

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