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Hello! Welcome the Friends Block. I hope you enjoy your stay. If you have any comments, feel free to mail me or fill out my Questionnaire.

So, what daya want?

The One With The Pictures

The One With All The Facts (inc. Ep guide and scripts)

Sound and Vision (Bowie?)

The One With The Drinking Game

The One With The Screen Savers

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These pages are, as you well know, still being built. I would appreciate e-mail with comments on what you like, dislike or want to see, or even better, fill out my questionnaire.

What's new today then?

I have changed and standardized the colour scheme (before, links were hard to follow before with the black background). I have also completed the questionnaire. The Sound and Vision section has been greatly improved, with a new linked table of contents, and a lot more actual sound and video to download. There are no dead links left in the pictuure gallery or anywhere else (as far as I know, if you know different, let me know at


These pages have been tested with Navigator 2.02, 3.00 Beta 7, 3.00, Gold 2.02, Gold 3.00 Beta 7, IE 4.40 (I know the version number is odd, but look at Microsoft Access 7.00) and MSIe 3.00. (I also ran them through Internet assistant of Word, but it was to depressing for words), There are no major techinical probs with the ccurrent revision.


Special Thanks to Guineapig. All the scripts are his due to him, and to Geocities for not kicking me off for taking double the server space they allocate Geocitizens. (PS. I promise to cut in half my space usage as soon as I find reliable source to hook my graphics links to). Also a little word of thanks to the secret isIan man (where the hell did you get that handle?!?) for the tips, I might not have been so receptive at first, but I must admit, you were right on most counts. Thank you the Frinds list for many encouragements and (constructive) critisiams.

And to Aoife Kavanagh, for being so far away from me. BARK! Thanks for the typos.

Due to my 1Mb limit, I have made these pages a sort of intergrated index of Friends stuff. Most of the raw data that you might download is from other servers, I'm am sorry if I have used anybody's data with giving fair credit. I have not yet tidied up everything, but if it really upsets you,

These pages are optimized forfor the simple reason that I like all the extra little crappy things IE can do. (And besides, it dosn't crash as often as Navigator).


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