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Panic or Anxiety is a common and potentially disabling condition. To diagnose panic or anxiety can be difficult. Many symptoms are physical, mimicking gastrointestinal and heart problems, and although the disorder is mostly psychogenic, about seventy systemic illnesses, malignancies and substance abuses must be ruled out before a correct diagnosis is established.

Panic or Anxiety attacks or conditions are more frequently identified with women than men. This may be due, however, to more frequent reporting of symptoms by women. Clients may complain of depersonalisation and stepping back from everyday tasks. Or symptoms may be limited to the gastrointestinal tract including the liver causing discomfort, possible diarrhoea and nausea. The cardiovascular system can induce rapid breathing, palpitations or pins and needles.

Panic Attack or Panic Disorder is one of the most characteristic features of anxiety, with symptoms of fearfulness or even terror, and a clinical picture dominated by difficulty with breathing, a choking sensation, and palpitations. Many presentations of apparent heart pain are due to primary anxiety. Cardiac disease may appear to be a panic state, or panic disorder may present as an apparent cardiac disease. Often there is a family history of anxiety. Management of panic attacks is individual and takes much practice and triggers to cope with the situation when it occurs.

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