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DSLT can provide the best service to the racer and enthusiest because we are racers and enthusiests.  We offer a full line of performance products to suit almost any vehicle.  Wether your ride is a late model Mustang, a restored classic, a full out race car, or a street warrior, we can offer products made specifically for you car, and your style.  Check out our products page for a partial list of our suppliers.  We are continually adding products, so keep checking back.  Need a price?  Drop us a line, or give a call.

We are a team based out of Michigan.  The team is composed of five members, Dave and Lorien Fieghner, and Steve and Trenton Munsell, and Al Dustan II.  We campaign two Ford Mustangs, and one Honda Civic in SCCA Solo II Competition.  Both Mustangs run in ESP.

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