The men and women who so bravely fight for our country every day, who not only make physical sacrifices, but emotional and mental ones as well, will always hold my deepest respect and admiration. This is my small way of repaying these men & women for fighting for my freedom.

On these pages you will find the stories of men who fought in Vietnam. Men who gave all they had for what you and I take for granted daily. You will find links to pages similiar to mine and more importantly you will find links to ways you can help.

I urge you take a moment of your time to look through these pages, by the time you finish I have no doubt that you will feel compelled to help in some way. I hope you act on that. The men and women who fight for our liberty do not deserve to be abandoned, alive or dead. They deserve to be brought home. And their families deserve the answers to the questions they have asked for so many years.

To those of you who served our country, and to those of you currently serving, thank you!!
~ Stephanie ~

Tribute To 1Lt. Ned R. Herrold

Tribute To Maj. James Thomas Egan, Jr.

Important Links:
Operation Just Cause
Friends of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial
The Virtual Wall

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OJC Graphics
Doc's Military Graphics
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