I have re-designed my index page for a number of reason, one of which is to decrease the load time of the pages. I have divided the site up into different topics and have made this page as the center to all of them. You will find a "Home" button on every page and this button will bring you back to this page. I have tried to keep the navigation through my site as simple and straight forward as I can.

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The pages here use Forms, Frames, and Tables, so you need a Browser that will support these different elements. The frames that I use are purely for navigation and use only two windows, I know that frames have become a problem as some do not know how to properly use frames or to code frames. I asure you that you will not get locked into my frames, any and all links outside of my site will display without frames and this page too will not be displayed in a frame. If you don't have a Broswer that supports these elements I suggest that you download one of the Browsers listed below. I also review some computer related books here and most can be found here, thanks to the Amazon Book Store. Amazon.com is an amazing site as it has over 1 million books that you can review and purchase on line.

This site is designed for Netscape 3.0 and is best viewed with Netscape.

The HTML Editor used is HTML Assistant Pro SE 2.0. The reason why I explain this is that different browsers display code slightly differently. An example is the bullets used in the "contents" list on the left -- Netscape displays the bullets in the text color that is stated in the body tag and is not changed with the font color tag, while Explorer displays the bullets in the color stated by the font color tag. I know this is an example that asks why I design for Netscape, but take my word for it I find Netscape (on the whole) to be more flexable. I also find both to be excellent bowsers on the whole.

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As this is my home away from home I am always rearranging things and adding new stuff all the time. I hope you find the pages here interesting and check back often to see what new things I have added. Shortly I am planning to add some cool javascript tricks that should be surprising. While you are here I would appreciate it if you would please sign my Guestbook. If you prefer to leave a note to me and not in my Guestbook you can always use my Comments page instead.

I have included here some stuff for individuals who may be new to the Internet and to Computers as a whole. I will continue to add stuff that will explain some of the things you need to know to start to feel comfortable on the Internet. If there is anything that you would like to see here please either leave me a note in my guestbook or drop me a comment and I will do what I can to include it on these pages.

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