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QFiler for DOS
get QFILER.ZIP now!
QFiler for DOS. Two directories displayed side-by-side, so you can copy, move, delete and view files easily. Create and delete directories. Why go to the DOS prompt? Many advanced file management features. Runs under DOS, Windows 3.x and OS/2.
CLICK here to download v3.2B3, 154K, dated 6/17/97
QFiler for Win95
get WQFILER.ZIP now!
QFiler for Windows 95. Supports long file names with side-by-side listings of two directories.
CLICK here to download v1.07, 178K, dated 5/27/97
QFont font editor
get QFONT.ZIP now!
QFont. A bitmap font editor to create and edit soft fonts for HP-Laserjet compatible printers.

Kenn the bug
Kenn the bug

Kenn the Hippie bug
Kenn the 'Hippie' bug

WorldsAway Stuff! (mostly freeware)
Bingo95 Card (Kenn Flee) A bingo card for WorldsAway 2.x. From Kenn Flee, (Win95 or Win31)
CLICK here for a screen shot and more information
ALL NEW version 2.0E posted Friday, Oct. 24!
NOW... No "flash", and VERY fast!
Like Indy's card? Try my new one! VBG
(2.0E corrects problem with multiple cards)
CLICK here to download - v2.0E, 160K, 10/24/97
Want the uncompressed executable?
CLICK here for bingo95.exe - v2.0F, 313K, 10/28/97

Need HELP? CLICK to download bingo95.hlp - 25K, 8/18/97
Kenn's Bingo Host (Kenn Flee) Now available, a bingo host program written BY an active host FOR hosts who want the best!
CLICK here for a screen shot and more information (pre-release version posted 3/22/98)
Bingo1 (Madra Rua) A popular bingo card from Madra Rua if you do not have Windows 95.
CLICK here to go directly to Madra Rua's web page
Isildur's Roulette Card (Kenn Flee) Written by Kenn Flee. New production version, so we can start playing roulette again in Kymer!
NEW version 1.20 posted Friday, May 15, 1998!
WOW, now NO problems registering!
CLICK here to download - v1.20, 140K, dated 5/15/98
Want the uncompressed executable?
CLICK here for roulette.exe - v1.20, 304K, 5/15/98
Roulette Card for the MAC (Proph) Leadman's card originally converted by Dr. Ken, has been modified by Proph to work with Isildur's roulette host.
NEW posting Tuesday, Nov. 18!
CLICK here to download macroul.hqx - 108K, dated 11/18/97
Get Caller An add-on for bingo hosts. Will show all callers, in order! From Kenn Flee, requires Win95, updated for WorldsAway 2.0.x (auto-detects world)!
CLICK here for a screen shot and more information
NEW version 2.07 posted Tuesday, July 29!
Changed to recognize all WA 2.0.x bingo cards!
CLICK here to download - v2.07, 104K, dated 7/29/97
Join us at Happy Bingo Hall for bingo, prizes and surprises!
Send an email message to get our current schedule.

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