"She spreads herself wide open...."

Greetings and welcome to my small slice of space on this vast creation called the world wide web. This page that I have created is a small representation of myself. I have a few pictures and many drawings that I have created. If you feel so inclined to leave me a message, please write one in my guestbook, and I promise I will be better at returning your scribblings than I have been in the past. Thank you for stopping by and please enjoy what I have put on display for the world.


Edgar Allen Poe's "The Oval Portrait"

Some of my art:

Some pics of me: (more to come very soon)

Allright, so I finally broke down and got bored enough to find out what my goth code was...if you're interested in my troubles, e-mail me to learn the address @: diabolique9@hotmail.com

I know its annoying when people beg and plead for you to sign their guestbooks, but its a necessary evil *grins* so, if you've happened to stumble upon my page, i'd love it if you'd take the time to sign my guestbook ...*smiles sweetly*


All these pictures are property (and ) of Emily M. None may be taken, copied, or removed from this page. Period.

The Neighborhood Watch ~ Fight Internet Theft.

Ring me, baby

Diabolique is a Goth Faerie of the Web
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