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A reason to lie on the Web

First of all, who am I ?  Well, for sure I'm not a professional in the Music World, but I'm not a newbie, too.
I'm just a long-dated amateur with a musical study background as a self-taught person (ok, ok, I fully agree on the definition: An autodidact is a student who has an ignorant teacher ) .
I rate myself as a low level multiplayer, mainly on keyboards, and even if I had performed some live piano concerts in the past, I decided several years ago to join the midi computer approach to music as a way to guarantee a better reproducibility of my ideas (not strictly dependent on my performing techniques...).

Anyway.... I'm a very good listener , and I'm proud to say that I'm fond of contemporary classical (and not-so-classical) music because I simply perceive the beauty in it, not just in a sound or in an atmosphere, but in the conceptual vibration of musical ideas.  

Do you need examples? Yes, I consider Cage's 4'33" as well as Satie's Vexations some of the real masteworks of all times. Of course I also put in that list ouvres like Bach's Inventions , but why not claiming a reward for Coleman's Free Jazz,  or Reich's Different Trains or the whole Gamelan Music?

Are you fond of Frank Sinatra, Burt Bacharach or Liberace's sweet pianism?
Mmmmmm, maybe you're in the wrong page, folks.

And in the end, which kind of music am I composing? Really difficult to say.
Somebody put me in the "new age" wave, but I really dislike this terminology. I prefer no classification at all, also because each one of my pieces has a different genesis, and a different core idea around it turns in circles, sometimes slowly, sometimes fast.
It happened to me rarely, after completing a new composition, to discover it a little bit classic in style, and in such cases I sent it to the amazing Schwob's site  Classical MIDI archives - Inspirations & Aspirations page.
By the way, somebody judged my pieces not enough technically skilled worked out. Maybe they're right, maybe not, anyway I'm always happy to receive useful feedbacks.

If you like to experience some of my music works, go ahead and you'll be able to download several midi files, written to be performed through standard GM/GS midi equipment:

ENTER DOWNLOAD AREA Sorry, I'm afraid that unless you don't want to obtain ugly results, you should not try to hear any of it with the built-in FM synthesizer of a low-budget PC sound card. You'll need at least a wavetable sound card with GM-like sound fonts or,  better, a midi interfaced external synthesizer.
( I use an AWE64 midi out,  just to interface a Roland SC and a Yamaha CLP 560 ).
Note: set Channel 10 as midi percussion channel. 

So, ladies & gentlemen,
                                       I'll continue composing music when ideas pop up in my mind or fingers, and the reason why putting my works on the web is not that of being overestimated, but simply to communicate other people some personal musical thoughts.

  You can reach me by e-mail at:  

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