Welcome to Gothmog, and Pali'eth Alcar's Page.

Greetings I am Gothmog. In this page you will find Middle-Earth Role Playing information. Things like new characters, new races, and professions. There is also all the original races and professions here to. This page is always under construction. So, please bare with us.

If you have a character and would like us to put it on our page e-mail to Gothmog. Or e-mail Pali'eth Alcar.

I am Gothmog. Son of Mogdeath Wingrider. I am a Half-Dragon Warrior. Click on my picture to view my stats and history.

I am Pali'eth Alcar. I am a Tarnen Elf Berserker. Click on my picture to view my stats.

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Tengwar-Gandalf, Quenya

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