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The Jester Lich's Court
Last Update: December 31st 1998

Wait a minute, before we get into the Court itself, throughout these pages you will see plain text like this, and text in Italics. Plain text is moi, the man behind the myth. And anything in Italics is either a note, or The Jester Lich himself gracing you with his pressence.
Sorry Jester, go ahead...

"Ahem... Once again, welcome to my court. Pay no mind to those souls roaming aimlessly about. *casts a cold gaze at his editor* They were...unkind, to me in their past lives. You wont be unkind, now will you?"
"Now you may be wondering exactly what this collection is. Well, let me enlighten you. Contained herein are my collected wisdom of the planes. From mysterious, to magical, to mundane. And while the court is far more out of the way and more time consuming then picking up one of those bothersome chattering skulls, those Mimirs, as it were, I do hope you'll stay."
"Now, I won't promise you anything. My court is busy being revitalized. Many doors are off limits till they are done being prepared for you."
"Once all is done you will find the many walkers of the planes. Evil, good, and in between. You will also find many examples of magical items and spells. This information may or may not matter to you, but if it does, your welcome."
"Rather than clutter up the planes with repeated information, I will continue recording creature information on a Mimir, I will however expand information on many burgs of the planes."
"If any of you mortals wish my counsel, by all means send an 'E-Mail', whatever that is..."

There is finaly a new planewalker making his debut, and a submission no less, my very first to Those Who Walk. I must apologize for my lack of updates, ben bogged down with something called Real Life, geh, what a waste of my time. Anyway, hopefully the Shadows of The Spire page will be complete soon.
If anything on these pages seems ludicrous, or useless to you, then don't use it. These are things I have added to my own gaming sessions and have worked out rather well. Many of the NPCs were at once my own characters that have long ago retired from play and become NPCs in my games and stories. Some were created on-line in role-playing channels and have been loosely translated to AD&D stats.
AGAIN, if you find anything on these pages that you do not wish to use, don't. :)
NEW to the court, is The Jester Lich's Court Library (Barnes And Noble Online Affiliate Bookstore), check it out, TSR stuff coming soon.

"If you'd like to link my court somewhere use the below banner."
The Jester Lich's Court

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A wonderful, wonderful site with everything you'd want to know about planescape.

The all knowing Mimir.

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