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Howdy Gamers! Been awhile since I did anything as practical as an update. But I'm back, and a lot's changed.

Well, well. Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition is finally out. Personally, I'm pretty happy with the new rules, though it will take some getting used to. The Armor Classes actually make
sense! I am standing here beside myself....

Anyhoo, between working and other mindless duties all part of the milieu we call "life," I'll be updating everything to 3rd Edition. Until then, everything will still be available. As always, feel free to download what you want, but please give me credit for it (except for the pictures, those are copyrighted by their respective owners, whoever they are). Speaking of copyrights, AD&D and Greyhawk are copyrighted by
TSR/Wizards of the Coast, while Rifts is copyrighted by Palladium Books. Now that's said, hopefully they won't sue....

'Nuff said. Check out the links (at the frame on the left or at the bottom of this page) and have a ball. If you want to put some of your own stuff up here, e-mail it to me and I'll have a look/see. While your at it, sign my slambook too. If something's broke, lemme know.

10/28/2000: Site's been on Hold for a while, but now I'm back! I'll try and update all of the Greyhawk stuff to 3rd Edition as soon as I can.

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Greyhawk 619 CY: Greyhawk in the future (well, the near future anyway). This is the details of a campaign my good friend Jim Lambert created in his head. There is an appendix to the Atlas of the Flanaess, a history of the land up to 619 CY, a few characters sheets, and files on the heroes of this new era.

Rifts: I've done a lot of revisions for my own campaign. There are revisions of the Rifts rules (corrections and additions), new equipment (including new weapons and vehicles), a new character sheet, and some adventures for downloading.

House Rules: Gamer's do it with rules. Here's how we do it, at least in Greyhawk.

Critical Miss Tables: My friend Paul (Pablo!) and I worked on these tables. Most crit tables are obnoxiously long and bloody. These tables are just enough to keep you laughing your assets off.

Pictures: I collect pictures off of the web to use for Wallpaper on my computer. These are some of the fantasy pictures I have.

Links: These are some of my favorite web sites out there. If you want yours added, lemme know.

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