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My Journey Through Adoption

Last updated on April 07, 2006

Hello! I'm Cris DeHart, an adoptee born on 01/16/53 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I have been searching for several years for my birth parents and my roots. My results are that my birth and adoption was that of the gray/black market. My endless search has led me to creating this page in hopes of finding them, spreading the awareness of illegal adoptions, and helping others who are searching in Indiana.

The following story is about my adoption and others by Dr. Lydia Shapiro. It was written, published, and is copy writed by the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette on February 7, 1999. You can read it by clicking on the following link and going to the library archives. They do charge a small fee for accessing the archived stories.

Doctor's secrecy in handling adoptions
leaves birthrights as haunting mysteries ©

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette ©

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My interests are:
Indiana Adoption Issues
Black/Gray Market Adoptions

A brief description of my page:
Indiana Adoption Resources
Closed Adoptions
Adoptees Rights
Black/Gray Market Adoptions
My Search for the Truth

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The state has two registry forms:
The PINK form is to register for Non-Identifying Information for adoptions finalized prior to January 1, 1994.
The BLUE form is to register for identifying information for adoptions finalized prior to January 1, 1994. However, I do know that unless both you and your birth parents have registered with the state they will not release the identifying information.
The state also will do a search for medical history that may be in your file.
They will also do a death search of Indiana for your birth parents. You just need to write a letter and request this to be done. If you can provide them with an approximate year of death, it would be helpful to them.

You can also write, call or get the form from the following site. Betty maintains a registry Indiana and has been doing it for years.
Reunion Registry of Indiana Betty Heide 51537 Myrtle Ave. South Bend, Indiana 46637 (574) 272-3520

I also maintain a mailing list for all who are searching in Indiana. "LOOKING_IN" is a moderated list and is growing.

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