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Welcome to my home page!
I "staked my claim" here August of 1997. My original Geocities URL is:
I chose Heartland due to my love of my furry family members; Meadows for part of what our vet
said about our boys running through a meadow at the Rainbow Bridge; 81 for 1981-the year Kyle & Kodi
were born; and 95 for 1995-the year Elton was born. If you love pets, I hope you'll enjoy my website
Come meet Kodi, Kyle, Elton, Samantha, Blackie, Bernie, Lindsey, and others.

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Time permitting, I try to decorate this index page according to seasons or holidays.
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December 2007

On November 15,1981- two little English Springer pups were born (in a litter of 8), who would change my life
and enlighten me to the joys of sharing my life with Springer Spaniels. Their names were Kyle and Kodi, our first Springers; and Elton being their successor. It's my hope to share with visitors, through words and pictures,
some of the happiness and love we've shared through the years with our Springers, and other
furry family members.

'I have sometimes thought of the final cause of
dogs having such short lives, and I am quite
satisfied it is in compassion to the human race;
for if we suffer so much in losing a dog after an
acquaintance of ten or twelve years, what
would it be if they were to live double that



To me, their size is perfect. Small enough to share a double bed with. Large enough to fill a hug. Small enough to hold in your lap. Large enough for their bark to deter those whose intentions aren't legitimate.

Their personality is enduring.... "Dignified" at times, "nutty goofballs" at other times.

They're intelligent and quick to learn-albeit sometimes things you wish they hadn't. A sense of humor is a prerequisite to share your life with a Springer.

I love their look.... Beautiful (bench-bred are particularly elegant), but certainly not wimps. They are also deceivingly strong, try training a tugging Springer!

Last but not least, I always fall for their expression. Sweet and soft, with eyes that melt my heart.

dogs come

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